Jesse Zaragoza and Paula Aburto Zaragoza

Jesse Zaragoza, 7th Degree Black Belt

Paula Aburto, 6th Degree Black Belt

Owners, Seventh Degree Black Belt Jesse Zaragoza and Sixth Degree Black Belt Paula Aburto Zaragoza, have a combined teaching experience of over 50 years with National Karate Academy of Martial Arts. In addition to the martial arts experience that both owners bring to the school, they each have experience in managing successful National Karate schools in the Twin Cities Area. Both are highly regarded martial artists, instructors, and competitors in the martial arts community.  As a husband and wife team that have worked successfully together in the past, they have a unified vision to provide a quality martial arts education to each student and to assist and guide them in reaching their goals. To learn more about the National Karate organization, visit our main website: