72 year old Chicago NK student achieves Black Belt!

Here’s a story about determination for you. The student is from the Chicago NK schools and achieved her 3rd Degree in January 2010. Here are Master Nelson’s comments:

Ms. Pam Neil

Ms. Pam Neil


Testing for 3rd Degree Black Belt is a very difficult acheivement and not many make it that far. Now consider Mrs. Pam Neil who tested for that elite level at the age of 72!


NBCchicago.com did a really good story on Ms. Neil and even has some good video of her at the test! You can see it at the following link: http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local-beat/72-Year-Old-Earns-3rd-Degree-Black-Belt-81974117.html

Ms. Neil is an inspiration to all of us who wonder if we are “too old” for the martial arts. Obviously we are not!

Cristian Nelson
Sixth Degree Master Instructor
Chicago National Karate Schools

I agree with Master Nelson – Ms Neil is a great inspiration!

~ Paula Aburto Zaragoza