The Tenets of National Karate

Only by facing our fears and understanding our weaknesses will we discover strength, confidence and security.

We experience satisfaction and happiness as a result of our diligent effort to improve our art.

We will be exhilarated by our efforts even if we are not immediately successful. Success, knowledge and true understanding will be granted if we continue to strive.

We will feel frustration and despair only if we admit defeat and failure.

The level of our skill is equal to the level of our commitment.

Arrogant, boastful displays of our skills reflect low self-confidence and insecurity and reduce the level of esteem in which we are held by others.

A humble attitude earns true respect and admiration.

As our physical powers increase and develop, so do our psychological levels of self-control and self-confidence.

We respect and value the friendship and support of our classmates and instructors and are loyal to the principles of upon which our training is based.

The pursuit of our martial art is a life-long effort which helps us to be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy. Our goal is to become better persons through the mastery of this ancient art.

We will never misuse or abuse these powers.

John G. Worley
Ninth Degree Black Belt – Master Instructor

National Karate Academy of Martial Arts