Becoming a Black Belt

First, you have to decide that you want to be a Black Belt, and then you have to do what you need to do to achieve it. 

Belief – You need to believe that you can do it. Your mind controls your attitude. Your instructors believe in you, you should too!

Determination – Do not give up no matter how hard it gets, each time you resist the desire to give up, you get stronger.

Discipline – Do something each day to get you closer to your goal. Five slow kicks every day is better than 20 slow kicks once a week.

Enthusiasm – Do everything with enthusiasm, whether you are in class or practicing on your own. It is much more fun!

Responsibility – You are the only one that can get you to black belt. Your instructors can show you how, but you are the one that actually does it.

Encouragement – Work together with your classmates and encourage each other to work hard. Every time you help someone else, you get better yourself.

Details – Pay attention to detail. If your instructor corrects you, fix the problem and then keep it fixed.

Respect – Show respect to your instructors and classmates by not distracting them while you are in the classroom. It is easier to learn when you have focus.

Focus – Stay focused on your goal. Stay focused while in the classroom. Stay focused when you are practicing.

Attitude – Give 100% effort. Always.