What is a Red Belt?

A Red Belt…Is respectful toward others.

          They respect their instructors.
          They respect other students.
          They Listen to what they are being taught.
          They answer with “yes, sir” and “no ma’am.”
          They try to be to class on time.
          They ask permission to enter class if they are late.
          They are polite.

A Red Belt…has a good attitude.

          They try as hard as they can – ALWAYS.
          They are serious in class and don’t fool around.
          They move quickly when they’re asked to do something.
          They are not loud in class.
          They do not talk Excessively.

A Red Belt…works hard to improve his/her skills.

          They hit hard on every technique they do.
          They stretch to stay in shape.
          They do slow kicks to strengthen muscles.
          They know the required curriculum.
          They set short and long term goals.
          They NEVER move in “Chunbi.”

Above All You Must Have Fun And Enjoy What You Do!